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The name goes back to 1919, when Walter Diefke registered the trademark “WD” in Berlin for his company of the same name. In the following years he changed this to “Wa-Di” and finally to “WADIE”.
The company itself was founded in its current form in 1962 in the northern Bavarian town of Bischofsheim a. d. Rhön was founded by the next generation as DIEFKE WADIE MUNITION, who took over this protective symbol.
The core of the company is the production of stimulus and blank ammunition.

In addition, WADIE offers suitable accessories. Today the company management is a duo from the second and third generation and therefore a good balance between consistency and dynamism.
The combination of years of experience and cross-generational company management make us one of the leading manufacturers in this field, which is also appreciated by our international customers.
So WADIE offers you a reliable solution for your protection and security,
Made in Germany.